Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I've worked out that I drink wayyy too much tea while I'm at work. I work through my lunch break so it gives me an excuse to leave my desk every so often. The only down side to this is that our office is right next to the cafe, so I lazily buy my cups of tea in paper cups rather than walking the extra few feet to the kitchen. It ends up that in a month I spend around £150 A MONTH on cups of tea! (I could buy a lot of clothes and books for that amount!!) I've tried to cut down but I've found I'm hooked on the lovely tea flavoured goodness. Anyway in order to wean myself off, I've allowed myself one cup of tea in the morning, and then green tea and lemon for the rest of the day - which is surprisingly yummy :) It's not really helped on the money front, but at least I feel healthier ;)

Anyway check out these cute little mugs I've found.

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