Thursday, 29 December 2011


So... My blog's been a bit neglected over christmas. It seems mad that everyone rushes around, and puts so much time, money and effort into such a short amount of time, only for it to be over before you know it. It's all completely worth it though, it's got to be pretty much my favourite time of the year :D As always we went round to my parents on Christmas eve and didn't leave until the evening after boxing day, it was nice to spend some time with them (and not have to cook!).
It was the kittens first christmas, and we warily took them with us - my parents have a much bigger cat as well as a dog so in the back of my mind I was worried something would go wrong.. My parents have a garden whereas we live in a flat so the kittens can't go outside, so we gave them their first outside experience. Jager wasn't so keen (He's a proper scaredy cat!) but Garfs love it, was so cute! I'm pretty sure he could have stayed out there all day, but it started to rain and my dad came back with the dog. We've definately got to buy a house of our own soon, but it's all so expensive and we just can't afford the deposit!
My brothers girlfriend was over for christmas too, she's from Holland so had to fly over. It was nice to get to know her a bit more, but it seems weird that next year my brother might go over there - I couldn't imagain a christmas without him. I've got no photos of christmas this year (except for this one with my dad, Josh and our enormous ham! The photo really doesn't do it justice!), which is extremely unlike me, but my D80 was too big to take, and my compact has finally given up and died.. Oh well, only 361 days till next Christmas...♥

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Can you spot the new addition to our tree..?

Yep... Garfield!!

He absolutely loves climbing it which is why it looks a state! We've had to take all the decorations off so they don't break, and all the branches are pointing down where he's climbed it so much! Luckily we used a crappy fake tree instead of a real one this year, as we thought something would be similar. Unfortunately he falls to the bottom too quick for me to get any decent pics, but he looks mayjorly cute doing it! ♥