Monday, 16 January 2012


So I'm moving! It all came around very quickly, I've been looking at houses for a while, but Josh didn't seem so keen on moving, until one night he said about it. We booked viewings at 2 that we both liked and took the second one, all within about a week! We really needed a garden, we've lived in a flat for 3 years now and it's horrible in the summer not being able to laze outside in the garden. Plus we have the kittens and it would be nice to let them go outside (although I am going to be so protective and paranoid!). 
We've been asked if we think we've rushed into it, and I'm 100% sure we haven't. We both knew the house was for us when we saw it, we're aloud the kittens and it's much bigger for less money than most of the properties around at the moment. I am so excited, I literally can't wait to move. I love sorting everything out, and arranging where everything will go. We don't move until the end of Feb and I really hope it flys by. The only down side is me and Josh are going to postpone both our birthdays until April as we wont get our deposit back from the previous place for at least 10 days after we move. It's all worth it though! 

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