Tuesday, 3 January 2012


This year I'm determinded to stick to my New Years Resolutions - loose weight/ get healty and learn to drive. So far it's going well - I've ordered my provisional license and once that comes through I'm gonna start my lessons and practice with my mum. Hopefully I'll pick it up quite quickly 'cause I can't wait to be on the road driving. On the fitness side of things I've completely cut out sugar from everything including my tea (Big step for me as I usualy have 2 - or 5 if it's the teeny packets..) and am swapping junk for soup.
I've taken up Zumba with my best friend, which is tiring but so much fun!! I got the game for the wii as well, which unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try as I need an adaptor for my TV, but it looks great. I did however get a dance mat for christmas too which I have tried, and it's soo funny! Hopefully this time next year I'll be writing about how healthy I am and how great it is to be driving!♥  

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