Sunday, 12 February 2012


Sooo only 11 days until we get the keys to our new house! Excited is a major understatement, I literally can't wait!! We've had a few people come round and view the flat, and it's really stressing me out trying to pack and keep the flat in a show home like state, so the moment that last box is in the new house is greatly welcomed. 
We've just had our current landlords over for a cup of tea, and to discuss when we're moving etc. They are literally the nicest landlords ever, and I hope our new ones are half as nice. They didn't look round our flat, they just said it was in great condition and they'll pop over and pick up the keys once we're settled in the new house. 
It means we'll get all our deposit back which is ALOT of driving lesson for me! I know, I know, in my new years resolutions I was meant to book my first lesson before now, but the move has thrown everything a bit off course.. I think spending all of my deposit on lessons rather than going to Mexico (it was a close call..) more than makes up for it though! 

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